Accounts Management

  • Automated customer grading 
  • Multiple asset types (i.e. vehicle, property, machinery, etc.)
  • Customer & Guarantor information
  • Easy to use account search tools
  • Ledger card summary
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Portfolio assignment

Accounts management allows users to create and manage customer information, and accounts specifics. It is also used to update financial standing and status depending on the customer's account activities within the system.


  • Cash, Cheque, Journal type entries
  • Payment history/summary listing
  • Payment reversals

Payments is considered one of the important components of the application, it is responsible for receiving/managing payment entries from the accounts. It is also responsible for updating the customer grading and account performance.


  • Scheduled follow-ups
  • SMS integration
  • Pre defined message templates

Follow is the pre-cursor for any collection, it allows the collection operators to remind the customers of their upcoming financial obligations. It features pre defined but customizable message templates that can easily be used when creating new follow-ups, and with the option of SMS integration for better coverage.

Bills, Accounts, and Interests

  • Legal bills tracking
  • Progressive charges
  • Interests
  • Reversal entries 

This feature is responsible for managing resulting legal fees from the litigation of unresponsive or problematic accounts. It is also used to track additional charges that are compounded to each existing LR account as it progresses through the loss recovery process. In additional users can also add interest charges from this section.


  • Customer agreements
  • Customizable payment schedules
  • Letter of undertaking

The system features a built-in payment scheduler which computes the designated repayment schedule, and amount of a new customer agreement. It allows the system to monitor the upcoming charges and arrears that is connected to any designated LR account.

Other features

  • Daily, Monthly, Annual collection reports
  • Daily, Monthly, Annual follow-up reports
  • Daily, Monthly, Annual legal bills reports
  • Team performance reports (collection, follow-up)
  • Solicitors/Lawyer listing
  • Export to csv feature
  • Team performance metrics
  • Customizable fee codes 
  • Legal status codes
  • List data management